Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Charlotte, NC

Liza Caminiti May 1, 2024

Welcome to Charleston, SC, a gem of the South offering a lifestyle enveloped by stunning beaches and a vibrant atmosphere. It's a city with a thriving job market but also maintains its picturesque charm through beautifully preserved architecture and quaint cobblestone streets. This historic city invites newcomers with open arms and is characterized by a welcoming community eager to embrace new residents. Whether you are drawn by the allure of Charleston, SC, real estate, or the promise of a life well-lived by the sea, your journey to making Charleston home promises to be as enchanting as the city.

Financial landscape of Charleston

The cost of living is 12% above the national average, reflecting the city's desirability and affluent amenities. This figure is even more pronounced compared to the South Carolina average, with Charleston's cost of living being 25.4% higher. Such statistics are vital for potential new residents, painting a picture of the economic environment they are entering.

The average household income in Charleston is a robust $76,556, which exceeds the national average by a notable margin, indicating a prosperous economic climate. This prosperity is also mirrored in the housing market. The median home value in Charleston is estimated at $493,200, with over half of the properties, specifically 58.4%, being owner-occupied. It suggests a stable real estate market where investing in homes for sale in Charleston, SC, could be a worthwhile consideration for newcomers.

Charleston's booming job market

The local economy is on an upward trajectory, with job growth anticipated to surge by 43.34% over the next decade, outpacing the expected US job growth rate of 30.54%. This robust expansion signals a thriving job market that could offer abundant opportunities across various industries.

The city's unemployment rate is an encouraging 4.0%, significantly lower than the national rate of 6.0%. This statistic highlights Charleston's economic resilience and its ability to provide sustainable employment opportunities to its residents. Whether you're a professional seeking growth in your field, a newcomer exploring opportunities, or an entrepreneur ready to tap into Charleston's economic vitality, the city's job market is ripe with possibilities.

Charleston's climate

The most pleasant months in terms of weather are October, May, and April when residents enjoy moderate temperatures that are perfect for exploring the city's outdoor festivals and historic streets. July is the hottest month, with average high temperatures reaching around 90 degrees Fahrenheit and high humidity, making July, August, and June the most uncomfortably humid months. Such warmth is a call to the stunning beaches for relief and leisure, turning the summer into a lively season brimming with waterfront activities.

Regarding precipitation, Charleston receives about 48 inches of rain annually, distributed throughout the year but often peaking during summer. Snow is a rare guest, with December witnessing a light dusting of about 0.2 inches, typically the most snow Charleston sees all year. The mercury rarely dips below 39 degrees, even in the chilliest months. The climate here ensures that whether you are strolling the cobblestone streets or relaxing by the shore, you can experience the city's charm comfortably under the southern sky.

Exploring Charleston

At the heart of Charleston's vibrant culture is the Charleston City Market, a bustling hub where local crafts and cuisines reflect the area's rich heritage. Just a short stroll away is Rainbow Row, the iconic stretch of pastel-colored homes that line the streets with their colonial charm and photographic appeal.

For those who prefer serene settings, Joe Riley Waterfront Park offers panoramic views of the Charleston Harbor. The White Point Garden provides a lush, green oasis amid the historic southern mansions. Both spots are perfect for a leisurely walk or a peaceful afternoon picnic.

The South Carolina Aquarium and The Charleston Museum invite curious minds to dive into the natural and historical narratives of the Lowcountry, offering extensive collections and interactive exhibits. Naval and maritime history come to life at Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, home to the famous USS Yorktown aircraft carrier. Art lovers will find their haven at the Gibbes Museum of Art, which houses a notable collection of American art focusing on Southern works that tell the story of Charleston's artistic evolution.

Dining with Southern flair

The city's restaurants are a testament to its deep-rooted Southern charm blended with modern gastronomy. Slightly North of Broad, affectionately known as SNOB, is a culinary gem housed in an airy, 18th-century warehouse. This eatery delights diners with its Modern Southern and Lowcountry cuisine, offering a fresh take on traditional flavors in a setting that echoes Charleston's historical elegance.

For those seeking a refined experience, Magnolias presents a sophisticated environment where traditional Southern cooking is elevated to an art form. The warm ambiance and innovative dishes make Magnolias a must-visit for gourmets looking to explore the depths of Southern hospitality and culinary mastery.

Circa 1886, nestled in the original carriage house of the Wentworth Mansion®, offers a dining experience drenched in the romance and old-world charm of historic downtown Charleston. The menu at Circa 1886 transports guests to a bygone era through its exquisite flavors and impeccable service.

Peninsula Grill boasts a roomy and posh dining space where elevated Southern fare is the star of the show. Known for its legendary coconut cake, Peninsula Grill provides a lush end to any meal, ensuring a memorable dining experience that complements the opulence of its surroundings.

A guide to local schools

The city's commitment to quality education is evident in the variety of schooling options available, from public institutions to prestigious private schools. The Charleston County School District (CCSD) is the second-largest school system in South Carolina, offering a comprehensive educational program. The district is renowned for its dedication to academic excellence and innovation, providing students with a solid foundation for future success.

Among the notable private institutions is Mason Prep School, an independent, non-profit, co-educational school serving students in grades kindergarten through eight. Mason Prep is dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment that emphasizes academic and personal growth.

Charleston Day School, located in the heart of downtown Charleston's historic district, is another excellent private school. This co-ed school for kindergarten through eighth grade focuses on developing young minds in a supportive, enriching environment that prepares them for the challenges of high school and beyond.

Lastly, Ashley Hall provides a unique educational pathway from kindergarten through grade 12, with a co-educational program for pre-kindergarten. Located in Charleston, this private school is known for its rigorous academics and a supportive community that encourages students to achieve their full potential.

Discover your dream in Charleston

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